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Our mission at Top 10 Coding-Courses is to offer the best advice for anyone who wants to learn coding —through comprehensive reviews, useful tools, and guides.

We are a team of developers, working in the well-known high-tech companies, with 10+ years of experience in the computer science field. After many years of helping coworkers and friends find their dream job, we decided it was time to help you — anyone who interested in coding, regardless of age.

As a result, we have spent many hours, putting each course to the test, to provide you with the most thorough reviews and comparisons.

With Top10CodingCourses, you can take control of your computer science learning process. With the assistance of our detailed reviews, you will be able to choose the best coding courses for you and your children.

Coding for kids

Our rapidly changing world, and particularly the rise of the digital economy, is making computer science, and coding in particular, an essential tool for every modern child. Skills in computer programming may help kids develop new ways of thinking, and foster problem-solving techniques that may have big impact on their future success.

That’s why we decided it is important to dedicate a special section for coding for kids in Top10CodingCourses.

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